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Vaughn De Leath
Country Music Pioneers
On Edison
Jazz And Blues On Edison Volume 1
The Golden Gate Orchestra
Vernon Dalhart
The Piccadilly Players
Jazz And Blues On Edison Volume 2
Harry Reser

Edison CDs
The "Edison Collection" CD Series from American Sound Archives and Document Records are now in production and ready for sale. The new issues currently scheduled are listed below. You can Order by clicking on any of the titles which will take you to the Document Records website.

Vaughn De Leath

Vaughn De Leath ~ Dancing The Devil Away DOCD-1101

The "Original Radio Girl" entertains you with eighteen tracks recorded at the Edison Studios during the height of her stellar career. In addition, you get the Bonus Cut of her 1925 hit recording, "Ukulele Lady". This CD will be sure to Charm and Entertain all just as Ms. Deleath did on the radio waves over 80 years ago.

Selections: I Love the Land of Old Black Joe/As Long As I'm With You/Since I Found You/ Dancing the Devil Away (with Don Voorhees Orchestra)/When the Pussywillow Whispers to the Catnip/It's a Million to One You're in Love/Stay in Your Own Back Yard/Is Ya?/There's a Cradle in Carolina/Blow, Blow, Blow on Your Old Harmonica, Joe/I'm Gonna Dance Wit' De Guy Wot Brung Me (with Jack Kaufman)/I Can't Give You Anything but Love/Mah Lindy Lou/Marianna/Honey, I'se a Waiting For Ya (Last Diamond Disc Issued)/I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/My Dear/Back in the Hills of Kentucky/Don't Say We're Through.

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Country Music Pioneers  On Edison

Country Music Pioneers On Edison DOCD-1102

A treasure trove of Songs from Americana performed by some of the Earliest and Most Beloved Names in Country Music History...the people who helped shape and form it into the Billion Dollar Industry it is today. Country Music Pioneers is a joy to listen to time and time again, and will be a most welcome addition to any Music Lovers CD Collection.

Selections: Somewhere in Dixie (Shirley Spaulding)/Medley of Southern Melodies (Fred Van Eps)/ The Devils Dream (Jasper Bisbee)/Wreck of the Old Southern 97 (Vernon Dalhart)/Kaisers Defeat Jig (Allen Sisson)/ Sally Brown Jig (Allen Sisson)/Lonesome Road Blues (The Blue Ridge Duo)/Got the Railroad Blues (Gene Austin & George Reneau)/Ida Red (Fiddlin' Powers & Family)/Just a Melody (Vernon Dalhart & Carson Robison)/Kinnie Wagner's Surrender (Vernon Dalhart)/Hop Light Ladies (The Dixie Mountaineers)/Sally Goodwin (Ernest V. Stoneman & Family)/ Barbara Allen (Frank Luther & His Pards)/Oklahoma Blues (Frank Wallace & His Guitar)/Down in a Georgia Jail (Posey Rorer's North Carolina Ramblers)/West Virginia Highway (The Rail Splitters)/Nonsense (Carson Robisons Madcaps).

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Jazz and Blues On Edison Volume 1

Jazz and Blues on Edison Volume 1 DOCD-1103

A magnificent collection of recordings from the 1920’s! Fascinating musical artifacts (some of which were not known to exist) appear alongside some previously released and un-issued Edison Diamond Discs. Jazz & Blues on Edison Records will entertain all and is a significant addition to every CD Collection.

Selections: Dixieland (Lopez & Hamilton - The Kings of Harmony)/Baby’s Got the Blues (Genevieve Jordon)/St. Louis Gal (Original Memphis Five)/You're Gonna Wake Some Morning (Ethel Finney)/Hot Tamale Baby (Andy Razaf)/Hard Hearted Hannah (Marjorie Royer)/Tempermental Papa (Josie Miles)/It Makes No Difference Now (Wilbur Sweatman's Brownies)/Undertaker’s Blues (Helen Gross with the Kansas City Five)/Memphis Bound (Viola McCoy)/Don’t Advertise Your Man (Rosa Henderson)/Broken Busted Blues (Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake)/Loud Speakin' Papa (Elsie Clark)/Everybody Stomp! (Bud Lincoln's Orch.)/I’ve Found a New Baby (Georgia Melodians)/Since my Best Gal Turned me Down (Winegar's Penn Boys)/Come on Home (Clarence Williams Orchestra with Eva Taylor)/Wang Wang Blues (Mal Hallet's Orch.).

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The Golden Gate Orchestra

The Golden Gate Orchestra ~ Crazy Words, Crazy Tune DOCD-1104

It was the era of Hip Flasks, Speakeasies, Racoon Coats, Bobbed Hair, The Flapper, and Jazz - and the Golden Gate Orchestra (also known as The California Ramblers) helped define that magical era with music. Spotlighted here are eighteen of their best tracks recorded for the Edison Company between 1925 and 1929. The essence of the 1920's at it's best!!!

Selections: Oh! Mabel/The Charleston/Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Manhattan/When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobin' Along/Stockholm Stomp/Ain't She Sweet?/Crazy Words, Crazy Tune/Hallelujah!/Dawning/The Pay Off/Vaniteaser/Black & Blue Rhapsody/Chinese Jumble/There's a Rainbow 'Round my Shoulder/Along Came Sweetness/Wishing & Waiting for Love/Pretty Little You.

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Vernon Dalhart Puttin' On The Style

Vernon Dalhart ~ Puttin' On The Style DOCD-1105

Country Music’s first Superstar, Vernon Dalhart started life off simply living on a farm in East Texas before fame and fortune beckoned him. This great collection has eighteen whip crackin' tracks from this country music pioneer. The CD also has an eight page booklet with notes written by Jack Palmer (who wrote the first book-length biography of Vernon Dalhart) and full discographical details.

Selections:  Can’t Yo’ Hear Me Callin’ Caroline?/Dardanella (with Gladys Rice)/Old Folks at Home/The Prisoners Song/Way Out West in Kansas/Little Rosewood Casket/She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain/The Boston Burglar/The Wreck of the Shenandoah/Better Get Out of My Way!/Floyd Collins Waltz/Get Away Old Man, Get Away!/The Mississippi Flood/The Wreck of the Number Nine/My Blue Ridge Mountain Home (with Carson Robison)/Puttin’ on the Style/The Alabama Flood/Razors in De Air.
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The Piccadilly Players

The Piccadilly Players ~ Feelin' Good DOCD-1106

Actually an offshoot of the mammoth Paul Whiteman Orchestra, The Piccadilly Players were the Edison House Band, and led by Melville Morris who was also the booking agent for Paul Whiteman. This superb collection has nineteen toe-tapping syncopated tracks, discographical details and booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.

Selections:  Someday Sweetheart/I Fell Head Over Heels in Love/Rose Room/Rain or Shine/Feelin’ Good/I’m Riding to Glory/My One and Only/You’re Just a Great Big Baby Doll/Old Man Sunshine/If You Don’t Love Me/ Easy Going/Sunny Skies/Susianna/I Wanna be Bad (with Ermine Calloway)/What Did’ja Wanna Make Me Love You For? (with Ermine Calloway)/Or What Have You (with Ermine Calloway)/Hitting the Ceiling/ Someday Soon/Easy Going (Un-Issued Experimental Test Pressing).
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Jazz and Blues On Edison Volume 2

Jazz and Blues On Edison Volume 2 DOCD-1107

This, our second installment of the excellent Jazz and Blues On Edison CDs include selections that did not make it onto  the first issue, and features tracks by The Frisco Jass Band, Josie Miles, Red & Miffs Stompers, Fletcher Henderson, and Eva Taylor with her husband, Clarence Williams.

Selections:  Pozzo (Frisco Jass Band)/Bluin' The Blues (Lopez & Hamilton - The Kings Of Harmony)/Crazy Blues (Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake)/She Walked Right Up & Took My Man Away (Ellen Coleman)/Mama Goes Where Papa Goes (Elsie Clark)/Back O'Town Blues (Original Memphis Five)/Linger Awhile (Fletcher Henderson)/ Teapot Dome Blues (Georgia Melodians)/Sugar Blues (Emma Johnson)/How Come You Do Me Like You Do? (Florence Brady)/Sweet Man Joe (Josie Miles)/Battleship Kate (Wilbur Sweatman's Brownies)/Hurricane (Red and Miffs Stompers)/What Did Romeo-O-Juliet (The Five Harmoniacs)/State & Madison [A Chicago Stomp] (Joe Herlihy & His Orchestra)/Five Pennies (Phil Napolean's Orchestra)/Somebody Stole My Gal (The Sizzlers)/West End Blues (Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams).
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Harry Reser Trainin The Fingers

Harry Reser Trainin' The Fingers DOCD-1108

The world’s undisputed Banjo genius, Harry Reser, delivers some jaw dropping toe tappers in this issue. These recordings were made by Reser and his various groups for the Edison Company between 1925 and 1929.

Selections:  Sweet Georgia Brown/Wait’ll It’s Moonlight/Paddlin’ Madeline Home/Jig Walk ~ A Charleston/Horses/Hi-Ho The Merrio!/Fire! (An Alarming Novelty)/Sam, The Old Accordion Man/We Love The College Girls/Marianette/Old Town Pump/The Clock And The Banjo/Highways Are Happy Ways/Lollypops/Heebie Jeebies/I’m Still Caring/Trainin’ The Fingers/Jade.
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